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TSN 425North West UniversityCillie High School
TSN 66University of Fort HareEast London Campus
TSN 147Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyTygerberg Campus
TSN 139North West UniversityFaranani Campus
TSN 191University of South AfricaNewcastle Campus
TSN 461National Metrology Institute of South AfricaNational Metrology Institute of South Africa
TSN 262Agricultural Research CouncilInstitute for Soil, Climate and Water
TSN 313University of LimpopoPolokwane Hospital Campus
TSN 456Tshwane University of TechnologyCenter for Tissue Engineering
TSN 464Agricultural Research CouncilGrain Crops Institute
TSN 273Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyGroote Schuur Residence
TSN 535University of Cape TownGraduate School of Business SANDTON
TSN 282The Innovation Hub Management CompanyBrummeria Campus
TSN 1011South African Broadband Education NetworkLovedale Service Delivery Point
TSN 247University of the Free StateQwa Qwa campus
TSN 482Department of Science and TechnologyNational Intellectual Property Management Office -Pretoria
TSN 292Agricultural Research CouncilInfruitec
TSN 333National Research FoundationSAEON-Fynbos Node
TSN 294South African Nuclear Energy Corporation LimitedHead Office
TSN 4Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyDistrict Six
TSN 422North West UniversitySt.Helena Primary School
TSN 241Gordon Institute Of Business ScienceGIBS Pritchard Street
TSN 419North West UniversityPionier High School
TSN 65University of Fort HareBisho Campus
TSN 106University of the WitwatersrandAgincourt Health and Population Unit
TSN 310Tshwane University of TechnologyeMalahleni Residence
TSN 179University of South AfricaGiyani Campus
TSN 58Tshwane University of TechnologyPretoria Campus
TSN 445North West UniversityVoortrekker Secondary School
TSN 1027South African Broadband Education NetworkService Delivery Point
TSN 267National Research FoundationSAEON-Grasslands-Wetlands-Forest Node
TSN 236Square Kilometre ArrayCape Town Office
TSN 412North West UniversityDurban Teachers Centre
TSN 274Cape Peninsula University of TechnologySomerset Square Campus
TSN 437North West UniversitySouth Cape College
TSN 196University of South AfricaPotchefstroom Campus
TSN 503Medical Research CouncilJohannesburg
TSN 167University of Cape TownMowbray Cottage Hospital
TSN 132Medical Research CouncilDurban
TSN 280Walter Sisulu UniversityFoundation Campus
TSN 509University of PretoriaMamelodi Campus
TSN 254University of PretoriaL C De Villiers
TSN 335SANSA Space ScienceSpace Science2
TSN 199University of South AfricaSchool of Business Leadership
TSN 7Central University of Technology, Free StateMain Campus
TSN 468Walter Sisulu UniversityQueenstown
TSN 411North West UniversitySusan Strijdom Training Centre
TSN 334University of the Western CapeFETI-Wynberg Office
TSN 67University of KwaZulu-NatalDurban Campus
TSN 194University of South AfricaPolokwane Campus
TSN 414North West UniversityWhite River Primary
TSN 143Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyGranger Bay Campus
TSN 288CSIRDefence Peace Safety and Security
TSN 367e-Schools NetworkService Deliver Point6
TSN 371Square Kilometre ArrayStratocast Link
TSN 286UbuntuNet Alliance (as TENET Beneficiary)ZAMREN U-POP
TSN 1031South African Broadband Education NetworkService Delivery Point
TSN 185University of South AfricaMafikeng Campus
TSN 158Tshwane University of TechnologyArcadia Campus
TSN 355Tshwane University of TechnologyLegae Residence
TSN 101CSIRPretoria
TSN 161Tshwane University of TechnologySoshanguve North Campus
TSN 500Cape Peninsula University of TechnologySt Peters Residence
TSN 13Central Applications OfficeFrancois Road
TSN 379University of South AfricaDurban Learning Centre
TSN 399Tshwane University of TechnologyZaragosa Residences
TSN 436North West UniversityKhanyisa High School
TSN 352Central Johannesburg College for FETCentral Campus
TSN 36University of JohannesburgAuckland Park Kingsway
TSN 381Sisonke InitiativesService Delivery Point2
TSN 116University of ZululandRichards Bay Campus
TSN 448North West UniversityNamaqa Campus
TSN 478North West UniversityKlerksdorp College
TSN 39SA Astronomical ObservatoryCape Town Campus
TSN 197University of South AfricaRichards Bay Campus
TSN 64University of Fort HareAlice Campus
TSN 93iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator-Based SciencesiThemba LABS (Gauteng)
TSN 459Nelson Mandela Metropolitan UniversityGeorge Campus
TSN 252Technology Innovation AgencyMenlyn HO - ADSL
TSN 75University of PretoriaOnderstepoort Campus
TSN 224Technology Innovation AgencyPretoria - Head Office -Wireless
TSN 373Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyCollege of Nursing
TSN 263Medical Research CouncilPretoria Campus
TSN 460University of Cape TownPalm Court
TSN 200University of South AfricaSkinner Street East
TSN 447North West UniversityDe Aar Campus
TSN 390Belgium CampusPTA-ADSL
TSN 543University of the WitwatersrandWITS Rural Facility
TSN 285University of the WitwatersrandRahima Hospital
TSN 249MintekMain Campus
TSN 165University of Cape TownLiesbeek Gardens
TSN 34Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyBellville
TSN 96Water Research CommissionMain Campus
TSN 400University of StellenboschCaledon Hospital
TSN 302e-Schools NetworkService Deliver Point3
TSN 491National Student Financial Aid SchemeWynberg Office
TSN 370Vaal University of TechnologySecunda Campus
TSN 255South African National Space AgencyCorporate Office
TSN 287UbuntuNet Alliance (as TENET Beneficiary)Mtunzini U-HUB
TSN 237Square Kilometre ArrayCarnarvon Site
TSN 332Technology Innovation AgencyDurban - BioProcessing Platform2
TSN 144Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyGroote Schuur Campus
TSN 124University of ZululandMain Campus ADSL-1
TSN 238Square Kilometre ArrayKlerefontein Site
TSN 11Durban University of TechnologySteve Biko Campus
TSN 208University of StellenboschTygerberg Campus
TSN 204University of South AfricaSunnyside Registration Building
TSN 112University of the WitwatersrandMedical School
TSN 227Technology Innovation AgencyCape Town RO ADSL Backup
TSN 339Institute for Justice and ReconciliationCape Town
TSN 159Tshwane University of TechnologyArts Campus
TSN 336e-Schools NetworkService Deliver Point4
TSN 126National Research FoundationADSL Back-up
TSN 195University of South AfricaPort Elizabeth Campus
TSN 264National Research FoundationSAEON Pretoria South Ring connection
TSN 192University of South AfricaOrmonde Conference Centre
TSN 216Walter Sisulu UniversityPotsdam Campus
TSN 426North West UniversityMSC Business College
TSN 362Walter Sisulu UniversityMthatha Hospital
TSN 44University of JohannesburgDoornfontein (DFC)
TSN 118African Institute for Mathematical SciencesMuizenburg campus
TSN 181University of South AfricaKimberley Campus
TSN 331University of StellenboschUniversity Business School Executive Development, Johannesburg Campus
TSN 434North West UniversityKing Edward High School
TSN 140North West UniversityVanderbijlpark Campus
TSN 457University of JohannesburgJNB-TERACO-ISD
TSN 258South African National Biodiversity InstituteKirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens
TSN 604University of LimpopoJNB-TERACO-ISD
TSN 290University of South AfricaEconomic and Management Sciences
TSN 383Durban University of TechnologyIndumiso Campus
TSN 18Iziko Museums of Cape TownSA Museum Main Campus
TSN 466LIMPACCESS NPCService Delivery Point 1
TSN 413North West UniversityMarburg High School
TSN 203University of South AfricaSunnyside North
TSN 166University of Cape TownMedical School
TSN 316EduparkHead Office
TSN 160Tshwane University of TechnologyeMalahleni Campus
TSN 176University of South AfricaDurban Main Campus
TSN 177University of South AfricaEast London Campus
TSN 33North West UniversityPotchefstroom Campus
TSN 164University of Cape TownGraduate School of Business
TSN 184University of South AfricaLittle Theatre Campus
TSN 283Cape Town College for Further Education and TrainingCentral Office
TSN 345Sol Plaatjie UniversityMain Campus
TSN 168University of Cape TownRed Cross Childrens Hospital
TSN 299Agricultural Research CouncilInstitute for Agricultural Engineering
TSN 341e-Schools NetworkService Deliver Point5
TSN 198University of South AfricaRustenburg Campus
TSN 212University of the WitwatersrandRural AIDS and Development Action Research Programme
TSN 146Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyMedia City Foreshore Campus
TSN 150Durban University of TechnologyBrickfield Campus
TSN 30National Research FoundationResearch Support Agency, Pretoria
TSN 188University of South AfricaMiddelburg Campus
TSN 10Durban University of TechnologyRiverside Campus
TSN 534Human Sciences Research CouncilSweetwaters Office
TSN 270University of Cape TownGroote Schuur Residence
TSN 251Gordon Institute Of Business ScienceMain Campus
TSN 458Nelson Mandela Metropolitan UniversityEast London Campus
TSN 409Tshwane University of TechnologyBusiness School (Metro Skinner)
TSN 42University of JohannesburgAuckland Park Bunting
TSN 72Nelson Mandela Metropolitan UniversitySouth Campus
TSN 108Walter Sisulu UniversityChiselhurst Campus
TSN 519University of Cape TownSATVI Clinic
TSN 492Vaal University of TechnologySebokeng Campus
TSN 542University of the WitwatersrandAgincourt Lab ain
TSN 266National Research FoundationSAEON-Arid Lands Node
TSN 586South African National Biodiversity InstituteKaroo Desert NBG
TSN 308South African Association for Marine Biological ResearchHead Office
TSN 486CSIRJohannesburg Craighall Site
TSN 19Mangosuthu University of TechnologyMain Campus
TSN 268National Research FoundationSA Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity-DSL2
TSN 433North West UniversityWindsor Park High School
TSN 77University of South AfricaMain Campus
TSN 37Rhodes UniversityMain Campus
TSN 497Centre for the Aids Programme of Research in South AfricaDoris Duke Medical Research Institute
TSN 269National Health Laboratory ServiceGreenpoint
TSN 328Technology Innovation AgencyPolokwane Regional Office
TSN 32North West UniversityMafikeng Campus
TSN 403The Academy of Science of South AfricaHead Office
TSN 329Technology Innovation AgencyBloemfontein Regional Office
TSN 12Walter Sisulu UniversityButterworth Campus
TSN 443North West UniversityCollege 2000, Better Best Education
TSN 26National Library of South AfricaMzunduzi Municipal Library
TSN 90Vaal University of TechnologyMain Campus
TSN 246University of the Free StatePsychiatric Hospital
TSN 100CSIRPort Elizabeth
TSN 474North West UniversityPongola Education Centre
TSN 76University of South AfricaFlorida Campus
TSN 446North West UniversityElim Hospital
TSN 109Department of Environmental Affairs and TourismSA National Antarctic Programme
TSN 537Agricultural Research CouncilInstitute for Tropical and Sub-Tropical Crops
TSN 25National Library of South AfricaMangaung Library Services
TSN 131National Library of South AfricaDe-Acidification Plant
TSN 190University of South AfricaNelspruit Campus
TSN 581National Research FoundationSAEON National Invasive Alien Plants Survey
TSN 423North West UniversityGlenwood House School
TSN 435North West UniversityMkuze Primary School
TSN 590Institute for Maritime Technology (ARMSCOR)Simonstown
TSN 293North West UniversityOpenCollab
TSN 85University of the WitwatersrandMain Campus
TSN 386University of the WitwatersrandPullen's Farm
TSN 215Human Sciences Research CouncilCape Town Campus
TSN 327CSIREast London IDZ
TSN 28SANSA Space ScienceSpace Science
TSN 2Walter Sisulu UniversityCollege Street Campus
TSN 56Tshwane University of TechnologyPolokwane Campus
TSN 402North West UniversityPretoria Sentrum
TSN 365Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyWellington
TSN 141University of PretoriaGroenkloof Campus
TSN 393Walter Sisulu UniversityCambridge Street
TSN 81University of the Free StateMain Campus
TSN 376Tertiary Education NetworkCSI Service Delivery Point 1 (Mfuleni School)
TSN 222Technology Innovation AgencyDurban Regional Office
TSN 315Tshwane University of TechnologyBreytenbach Theatre
TSN 353Tshwane University of TechnologyTempo Residence
TSN 1012South African Broadband Education NetworkKing Hintsha Service Delivery Point
TSN 281Human Sciences Research CouncilDisaster Recovery
TSN 296e-Schools NetworkService Deliver Point1
TSN 261Agricultural Research CouncilHead Office
TSN 27National Library of South AfricaPretoria
TSN 189University of South AfricaMthatha Campus
TSN 239Square Kilometre ArrayLosberg Site
TSN 344University of MpumalangaMain Campus
TSN 79University of StellenboschMain Campus
TSN 103CSIRStellenbosch
TSN 207University of StellenboschUniversity Business School- Belpark Campus
TSN 598Vaal University of TechnologyVDB Campus
TSN 48Tertiary Education NetworkHouse Vincent
TSN 418North West UniversityLigbron Academy of Technology
TSN 406University of South AfricaHoneydew
TSN 111University of the WitwatersrandParktown Campus
TSN 395Tshwane University of TechnologyZetushof Residences
TSN 1013South African Broadband Education NetworkBuffalo College Service Delivery Point
TSN 309University of South AfricaPolokwane Hub
TSN 504Agricultural Research CouncilSmall Grain Institute
TSN 485Square Kilometre ArraySAAO Observatory Site
TSN 415North West UniversityTanner Street
TSN 374University of Cape TownSomerset Hospital
TSN 356Tshwane University of TechnologyKollegehof Residence
TSN 115SA Agency for Science and Technology AdvancementObservatory, Johannesburg
TSN 163University of Cape TownHiddingh Campus
TSN 284University of the WitwatersrandHelen Joseph Hospital
TSN 297e-Schools NetworkService Deliver Point2
TSN 171University of JohannesburgSoweto Campus
TSN 145Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyMowbray Campus
TSN 405University of KwaZulu-NatalHoward College Campus
TSN 580University of South AfricaBrooklyn
TSN 396CSIRCT Parliamentary Liaison Office
TSN 102South African National Space AgencySpace Operations
TSN 173University of South AfricaBloemfontein Campus
TSN 311Tshwane University of TechnologyMebala Residence
TSN 476North West UniversityBenoni High School
TSN 99CSIRNatural Resources and the Environment (Mining)
TSN 410Tshwane University of TechnologyBuilding and Estates
TSN 170University of Cape TownSports Science Institute
TSN 121Tshwane University of TechnologyCape Town Service Point
TSN 490Centre for Proteomic and Genomic ResearchCape Town Office
TSN 205University of South AfricaVereniging Campus
TSN 487Medical Research CouncilTygerberg
TSN 214Human Sciences Research CouncilDurban Campus
TSN 223Technology Innovation AgencyCape Town Regional Office
TSN 136University of the WitwatersrandConvergence Laboratory
TSN 421North West UniversityWeltevredenpark Primary School
TSN 322Port Elizabeth TVET CollegeCentral Office
TSN 427North West UniversityMSC Business College
TSN 86Walter Sisulu UniversityMthatha Campus
TSN 349Vaal University of TechnologyDaveyton
TSN 201University of South AfricaSkinner Street West
TSN 428North West UniversityOom Paulskool
TSN 29South African National Biodiversity InstitutePretoria National Zoological Gardens
TSN 229Technology Innovation AgencyCentral Hosting at CSIR
TSN 444North West UniversityVryburg High School
TSN 1029South African Broadband Education NetworkSAMCOR Service Delivery Point
TSN 377Agricultural Research CouncilIRENE
TSN 442North West UniversityEkurhuleni East College Kwa-Thema Campus
TSN 342Walter Sisulu UniversityHealth Resources Centre
TSN 298Agricultural Research CouncilOnderstepoort Veterinary Institute
TSN 541University of the WitwatersrandAgincourt Main ain
TSN 277Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyBuilding Asset Rich Communities campus
TSN 231University of KwaZulu-NatalWestville
TSN 110University of the WitwatersrandEducation Campus
TSN 245University of the Free StatePelenomi Hospital
TSN 3Cape Higher Education ConsortiumCalico Systems
TSN 384South African National Biodiversity InstitutePietermaritzburg Botanical Gardens
TSN 420North West UniversityKuruman Campus
TSN 271University of Cape TownRondberg Residence
TSN 453Belgium CampusPretoria Campus
TSN 364CSIRNational Department of Health
TSN 369CSIRLightpath to ESNet
TSN 388Walter Sisulu UniversityBree Street-Frogfoot interface
TSN 502South African Innovative Learning InterventionSalt River
TSN 326Albany Schools NetworkHead Office
TSN 430North West UniversityBisho L/H.P School
TSN 233University of the WitwatersrandChris Hani Baragwanath Hospittal
TSN 235iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator-Based SciencesFaure Campus-2
TSN 401University of Cape TownICTS-on-Main
TSN 257South African National Biodiversity InstitutePretoria National Botanical Gardens
TSN 211Monash South AfricaMain Campus
TSN 193University of South AfricaPietermatrizburg Campus
TSN 272University of Cape TownDullah Omar Residence
TSN 348University of South AfricaDaveyton
TSN 380Sisonke InitiativesService Delivery Point1
TSN 424North West UniversityUpington College
TSN 186University of South AfricaMakhado Campus
TSN 489Centre for the Aids Programme of Research in South AfricaVulindlela Research Site
TSN 431North West UniversityKhanyisa Education Centre
TSN 279Walter Sisulu UniversityKing Street
TSN 242University of the Free StateSouth Campus
TSN 119Human Sciences Research CouncilPE Campus
TSN 375South African National Biodiversity InstituteKZN Herbarium
TSN 475North West UniversityMasibumbane High School
TSN 407University of South AfricaPaarl
TSN 593University of KwaZulu-NatalMurchison Hospital
TSN 89University of ZululandMain Campus
TSN 510University of Kwazulu NatalBethesda Hospital
TSN 389Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences UniversityMain Campus
TSN 451North West UniversityNorthern Cape High School
TSN 416North West UniversityTabernadei Polokwane
TSN 289Boland Further Education and Training CollegeCentral Office
TSN 149Central University of Technology, Free StateWelkom Campus
TSN 9Durban University of TechnologyML Sultan
TSN 351CSIRMeraka FET Project
TSN 183University of South AfricaLenasia Campus
TSN 40Higher Education South AfricaHead Office
TSN 68University of KwaZulu-NatalPietermaritzburg Campus
TSN 354Tshwane University of TechnologyMonitor Residence
TSN 125University of ZululandMain Campus ADSL-2
TSN 439North West UniversityNew Castle Primary School
TSN 276Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyOptical Clinic
TSN 256Square Kilometre ArrayRosebank
TSN 378University of South AfricaJohannesburg Service Centre
TSN 49Tshwane University of TechnologyGarankuwa Campus
TSN 122Tshwane University of TechnologyDurban Service Point
TSN 295CSIRCottesloe Testing Facility
TSN 174University of South AfricaCape Town Campus
TSN 605National Research FoundationSAEON ELWANDLE Node
TSN 408University of South AfricaBrightside
TSN 244University of the Free StateNational Hospital
TSN 97CSIRDurban
TSN 363Walter Sisulu UniversityZamukulungisa Campus
TSN 169University of Cape TownRochester House
TSN 259South African Weather ServiceHead Office
TSN 250Technology Innovation AgencyPretoria - Head Office
TSN 54Tshwane University of TechnologyNelspruit Campus
TSN 441North West UniversityThe Reformed Church
TSN 592South African National Biodiversity InstituteWalter Sisulu Gardens
TSN 361Medical Research CouncilWestville Campus
TSN 343University of StellenboschHermanus Provincial Hospital
TSN 129National Research FoundationSAEON Egagasini Node
TSN 138North West UniversityEmfuleni Campus
TSN 38SA Agency for Science and Technology AdvancementHead office
TSN 532Vaal University of TechnologyUpington Campus
TSN 432North West UniversityPanorama High School
TSN 438North West UniversityEshowe Methodist Church
TSN 397Agricultural Research CouncilPlant Protection Research Institute
TSN 130Walter Sisulu UniversityRegional and Training Centre
TSN 120National Research FoundationSA Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity
TSN 24National Library of South AfricaCape Town
TSN 511University of Cape TownNeotel Data Centre
TSN 63University of Cape TownMain Campus
TSN 360University of Cape TownBremner
TSN 16Human Sciences Research CouncilMain Campus
TSN 22Medical Research CouncilMain Campus
TSN 209University of the Western CapeMitchells Plain Campus
TSN 83University of LimpopoTurfloop Campus
TSN 84University of the Western CapeMain Campus
TSN 368CSIRDefence Peace Safety and Security2
TSN 275Department of Environmental Affairs and TourismMarine and Coastal Management
TSN 73University of PretoriaMain Campus
TSN 498Centre for the Aids Programme of Research in South AfricaeThekweni Clinical Research Site
TSN 417North West UniversityParow West Primary
TSN 330Technology Innovation AgencyDurban NGP
TSN 91SA Astronomical ObservatorySutherland
TSN 469University of Kwazulu NatalNgwelezane Hospital
TSN 346National Institute for the DeafCollege
TSN 210e-Schools NetworkHead Office
TSN 218National Metrology Institute of South AfricaPretoria Office
TSN 278University of the Western CapeTygerberg Campus
TSN 454Stellenbosch Schools Broadband Initiative TrustRemgro
TSN 151Durban University of TechnologyCity Campus
TSN 87University of VendaMain Campus
TSN 312University of LimpopoDalmada Campus
TSN 148CSIRCentre for High-Performance Computing Cape Town
TSN 1003South African Broadband Education NetworkFBC Service Delivery Point
TSN 234Technology Innovation AgencyDurban - BioProcessing Platform
TSN 372Buffalo City FET CollegeEast London Campus
TSN 467Walter Sisulu UniversityMasibulele
TSN 440North West UniversityIkhala Public Further Education
TSN 253Technology Innovation AgencyPort Elizabeth Regional Office
TSN 392Walter Sisulu UniversityAbsa Stadium
TSN 538Tshwane University of TechnologyAlma Du Toit House
TSN 219National Metrology Institute of South AfricaCape Town Office
TSN 74University of PretoriaMedical Campus
TSN 162Tshwane University of TechnologySoshanguve South Campus
TSN 391Tshwane University of TechnologyKosmos Residence
TSN 429North West UniversityPietersburg English Medium Primary School
TSN 15Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy ObservatoryHartebeesthoek Site